Whether it’s quick pain relief or for the general treatment of acute and chronic pain, you will quickly discover the many possibilities of the sanakey!  It’s a state-of-the-art pain management device developed in Germany. This non-invasive treatment stimulates the body’s healing processes by applying bio-adaptive impulses to the surface of the skin that has an effect on the central nervous system. As well as fast pain relief the body’s defence is strengthened and shown a route to self-healing.

Using the sanakey is simple.  Literature and free training videos are here to help! This treatment principle works with almost no side effects (always observe the contraindications and where appropriate, consult with your health professional).

Holistic health

sanakey can be used in combination with most other therapies.  Your health professional can also advise whether a combination is suitable.

Treatment options

Introduction to sanakey

Cleaning your sanakey

How to reset your sanakey

sanakey operational tutorial



The functional principle

The sanakey stimulates sensory nerves to activate the body’s own powerful pain relief mechanisms and self-healing powers by using highly variable electrical impulses, which enter into “direct dialogue” with the body.  Every impulse differs from the previous one, thus preventing the body habituating to a single, continuous electrical signal.  This happens up to several thousand times per second and influences the body’s nervous system and thus the body’s adaptive and regulative processes (including pain relief).

1. Impulse application

The device generates a highly variable impulse (a damped, bi-phasic, sinusoidal impulse), delivered through two fixed concentric electrodes once skin contact occurs.  If there is no skin contact, the device will not deliver any impulses.

4. Impulse interpretation and adjustment

These ‘response reactions’ are measured by the device within microseconds.  The device analyses the modified impulse and then applies an individually-adapted impulse.  This cycle continues all the while during treatment, stimulating the nervous system to activate its own pain relief and self healing abilities.


3. Impulse transmission

Once the impulse is absorbed through the skin the information is passed through the body to the brain.  The body reacts to the impulse and modifies it in its’ own very specific and individual way and then ‘sends’ the signal back – called a ‘response reaction’.


2. Impulse absorption

The impulse is delivered onto and through the skin, but enters only about one-tenth of a millimetre below the skin.  These impulses are conducted through the body via sensory nerve fibres, the lymphatic system, and connective tissue of the body; directly to the brain.

Examples of use

from day-to-day life

Muskuloskeletal  system

e.g. Sports injuries

Almost everyone experiences pain and discomfort of muscles and joints!  Whether acute or chronic, the sanakey has been developed to help neck pain, back pain, joint pain, muscle pain and tension etc.

Nervous system

e.g. headaches

sanakey is suitable for use with problems of nervous system function and neuropathic pain.  In acute cases, local application is often sufficient to achieve relief.  In chronic cases, longer treatment cycles may be required.

Internal organs

e.g. for functional disorders

sanakey can be used to relieve pain and improve function in chronic diseases.  sanakey provides various treatment programs based on the current complaint.