The proven pain relief technology for personal use

Pain relief and restoration of function for lasting health!

sanakey. Specially designed for personal use

sanakey uses bio-adaptive impulse therapy to activate the body’s own powerful pain relief and recovery mechanisms.

Take control of your health and carry out pain relief therapy at home or on the go! The sanakey personal pain relief device offers you a variety of possibilities. Especially for personal use, this medical device alleviates acute and chronic pain and supports rapid restoration of function.

This handy device relies on Keytec’s proven bioadaptive impulse therapy, which as well as rapid pain relief, positively influences the autonomic nervous system and thus the body’s own adaptation processes. In this way, the body’s defences are strengthened and the body is shown a way to self-healing.


sanakey establishes a sort of “dialogue” with the body.  The bi-directional impluses are controlled by the body.  You can read more how it works here.

The device

Your sanakey is simple and intuitive to operate.   With a selection of optional interchangeable heads, the device is extremely flexible. 

Personalise your sanakey here.


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Layne Beachley AO

7 times World Surfing Champion

The Layne is regarded as the most successful female surfers in history.  In retirement, Layne’s sanakey is always with her while she spends her time traveling nationally and internationally as a motivational Keynote speaker for some of the world’s top commercial firms, sharing her stories about sustaining success and overcoming challenges and maintaining a winning mindset.