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100% Drug-free Pain Relief Technology.

sanakey stimulates sensory nerves to release the body’s own powerful pain relief mechanisms.

sanakey 100% drug-free pain relief technology. How does it work?

sanakey 100% drug-free pain relief technology. How does it work?

About sanakey


sanakey is the latest development in 100% drug-free pain relief technology, providing simple operation and handling and more importantly; fast pain relief! *  

sanakey uses advanced neurostimulation technology to locate key treatment points to deliver optimal pain relief.

sanakey be used used for pain relief in acute or longer-term treatment of chronic ailments.

*Individual results will vary

Listed Use

The Sanakey (ARTG 260053) is listed for use in Australia for:


  • Acute and chronic pain relief (when treating more complex chronic conditions, it is recommended that self treatment be carried out under the guidance of a practitioner and as a support to professional treatment)
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Passive muscle stimulation
  • Improvement and recovery of function
Can it help me?
  • If you are in pain – then the sanakey can help you.
  • If you are in acute pain such as a recent injury, inflammation, recent surgery, headaches, etc. the sanakey can help you.
  • If you are in chronic pain, the sanakey can help you.
  • The sanakey is effective in reducing pain, reducing swelling and inflammation, and reducing muscular spasm and as a result improved function, flexibility, and accelerated healing time.
  • The effectiveness of using sanakey for pain relief is substantial and lasts longer than other pain control methods.
How does the sanakey pain relief device work?
  • The sanakey uses high amplitude, high density,bio-feedback controlled pulse stimulation to cutaneous nerves, activating the body’s natural pain relieving and self regulation mechanisms.
  • The sanakey not only provides direct therapeutic effect, but also activates the natural defences of the body. The effect is achieved through the stimulation of reflective zones and acupuncture points on the skin surface.
  • Pain relief therapy using the sanakey is an extremely effective, non-invasive medical technology, which works by stimulating the body’s inherent self-healing mechanisms with minimal, if any, undesirable side effects.

If you are in pain, sanakey can help. Call us now.

If you are in pain, sanakey can help, call us now..

sanakey Videos

24/7 FREE online videos to assist you with your sanakey.

24/7 FREE online videos to assist you with your sanakey

Where to Buy

Australia: NS Health

FREE sanakey app. Treatment guidelines with an optional smartphone app on both iOS and Android.

FREE sanakey app. Easy-to-use on your mobile or tablet on both iOS and Android.

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